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Living the Yamas & NiYamas with Jennie Lee

Two Part Series: Living the Yamas &amp; Niyamas $90 for both &amp; $80 for Bronze Members. The Yoga Sutras give us 10 practices that are essential for a harmonious and happy life. Through daily practice of the Yamas and Niyamas we can cultivate emotional balance, maintain positive thoughts, manage stress, and integrate qualities such as generosity and devotion deeper into everyday life. These workshops will be a combination of lecture and discussion, self reflection and journaling, asana, pranayama and meditation. There will be plenty of opportunity for personal questions and application of the material to real life examples. Living the Yamas March 18, 1-4 pm The first of the Eight Limbs of Yoga, The Yamas are the moral qualities necessary to reconnect us with our Soul nature. They include Peacefulness, Truthfulness, Generosity, Self-Control and Appreciation. Foundational to our wellbeing, these practices make our lives more comfortable and spiritually fulfilling. Living the Niyamas March 25, 1-4 pm The second of the Eight Limbs of Yoga, the Niyamas are observances that help us to integrate our inner and outer experience. They include Purification, Contentment, Right Effort, Self-Reflection, and Devotion. These enable us to feel whole, balanced and free. <a href=";stype=-8&amp;sView=day&amp;sLoc=2&amp;date=03/18/17">More Info Here</a>

New to Yoga?

NEW to Yoga?  You've heard of all the wonderful benefits yoga has to offer, but you're still a little hesitant. Maybe it's because you can't touch your toes?  That's Ok, Yoga requires nothing more tha...

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What is Yoga?

The sanskirt word yoga, is derived from the root yuj which means to yoke. In other terms yoga means "union" or "harmony," it is both a philosophical system and a science whose goal is promoting person...

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Do you have classes just for beginners?

Absolutely! Yoga Basics classes are meant for beginner students. These classes will focus on alignment, basic principles of poses, and becoming aware of your breathing rhythms. Depending on the teache...

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