500 hour Yoga Teacher Training

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Mary Bastien

Mary Bastien began her yoga practice in 1997 in Venice, CA. She completed her first teacher training with Shiva Rea, Max Strom, and Saul David Rea. Shortly after Mary met Rod Stryker and has since been his student studying Yoga in the Tantric Lineage. In 2005 she came to Hawaii to share the Vinyasa Flow/ Tantra Hatha Yoga approach to practice and opened Open Space Yoga. Mary has also been studying Ayurveda under Dr. Suhas & Kathryn Templeton  and applies basic Ayurvedic principles to asana practice.  She is a level 2 certified ParaYoga teacher.

Jennifer Reuter

Jennifer’s style is a fusion from her two main teachers: Shiva Rea and the Anusara System. Her style integrates the biomechanics of alignment, pranic energy, movement and heart. Besides her passion for asana, she is equally fascinated with yoga’s other components: philosophy and meditation. She is currently a teacher trainer at OSY where her enthusiasm takes students deeper into themselves as well as deeper into her own heart. Her certifications include ACE and 500ryt.

Diana Halford

Diana Anjali Halford, a Registered Nurse since 1986, first discovered yoga in 1997. She began a consistent practice of yoga at a time of great transition in her life, unaware that it would lead to a new career and way of life. Diana’s classes are deeply informed by her dedicated study and personal practice. She has completed over 1000 hours of Yoga study and is on the faculty for Open Space Yoga Teacher Training. Teachers who have strongly influenced her are: Skeeter Tichnor, Christina Sell, Darren Rhodes, Noah Maze, Sianna Sherman, Douglas Brooks, John Friend and Nichala Joy Devi. Diana is devoted to continuing the path of yoga as a student and as always will seek out great teachers to assist her on that path. Diana’s heart, humor and devotion to her own practice guides her classes which are full of love and laughter.

Chanti Tacronte-Perez

Chanti has been studying and teaching yoga in the Tantric Hatha Linage since 2005 with her teacher Rod Stryker, founder of Para Yoga. He has taught her that everyone has the ability to know their destination and find that road to walk on. She has currently completed the Para Yoga Certification (level I) & her Restorative Yoga training with Judith Handson Lasater, whom she has assisted in workshops in the United States. Her study of Sacred Art with Mavis Gewant and Pieter Weltevrede merges her love of Yoga with her passion for painting and education. Chanti hopes to inspire others to re-discover their shiniest self, by sharing her knowledge of art and yogic philosophy.

Brenda Kwon


Brenda Kwon first came to yoga after falling ill in 2008.  Amazed by yoga’s ability to heal beyond the physical body, she became a dedicated practitioner, exploring all aspects of it including asana, meditation, and spiritual growth.  Her love for yoga led to her increasing desire to share it, and studying under Mary Bastien, Murti Hower, and Jennifer Reuter, she completed her 200 hour teacher certification at Open Space Yoga.  With a background in energy work and twenty years of teaching writing and literature, she is continually amazed at yoga’s ability to bring people to their best selves.  She is committed to yoga as a lifelong journey and believes in making it available for all who seek it.