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Recent yoga questions and answers.

Why meditation?

”There are two main goals. One is to experience a place where all your questions and wants have been answered. The first is to have no goals. The height of meditation leads us to a place of wholeness where there is nothing to seek. The second goal is that from that experience you are fully…
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What is pranayama?

Pranayama is commonly referred to as breath control. Prana loosely means energy of vitality and ayama means to stretch or expand. Therefore, Pranayama is a way of increasing our vitality. The specific breathing techniques traditionally designated as Pranayama practices are designed to bring more vitality to the body and to calm & focus the mind.…
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What is Kundalini yoga?

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient form of yoga. Kundalini is one of the more spiritual types of yoga. It goes beyond the physical aspect of poses with more emphasis on breathing, meditation, and chanting. The Kundalini is untapped energy (prana) at the base of the spine that can be drawn up through the spine awakening…
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